Dry Eyes

Burning, pain, and redness in your eyes can be signs of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye may be a symptom of worse problems on the horizon, such as inflammation and corneal scarring.

At Ohio Vision, our doctors in Sidney, Troy, Celina, and Bellefontaine, OH, can help you return to a comfortable life free from dry eye.

What Is Dry Eye?


Dry eye syndrome is a condition in which you do not produce enough tears or you produce tears of such poor quality that they cannot properly protect or moisten the eyes. When dry eye syndrome occurs, people experience a variety of issues.

Living With Dry Eye? You're Not Alone

More than 16 million Americans have dry eyes

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

This condition is responsive to care. Our experienced eye doctors are here to help, from diagnosis to treatment.

Occasional eye irritation does not necessarily indicate dry eye syndrome. However, you may have dry eye syndrome if you persistently experience the following:

  • Burning

  • Redness

  • Eye pain

  • Heavy eyes

  • Blurred vision

  • Watery tearing

  • Eye exhaustion

  • Light sensitivity

  • Stringy eye mucus

  • Sand feeling in eyes

If the above dry eye symptoms sound familiar, our doctors in Bellefontaine, Celina, Sidney, and Troy can determine if you need treatment.

Dry Eye Can Be an Indication of Serious Underlying Conditions

Your eyes may be trying to tell you something. Persistently dry eyes can be a sign of glaucoma or cataracts.

Cataracts also cause symptoms like cloudy lenses or reduced ability to see colors. Patients with glaucoma may experience headaches and blurred sight. These conditions both respond best to early treatment. When allowed to progress, they may lead to blindness.

However, that outcome is preventable, especially when you seek help immediately. You have a trusted team to treat you: the doctors at Ohio Vision. We can welcome you to our office for a vision and eye health examination to determine the cause of your dry eye.

Older woman rubbing her irritated eyes

Find Peace of Mind  at Ohio Vision

Doctors Christopher T. Johnson, M.D. and William E. Schemmel, O.D.

Tired of the discomfort? We can provide you with relief.

Dry eye can be uncomfortable. It may also be a symptom of a larger problem.

We can examine you to determine if you simply have dry eye, or if it's a sign of another condition, like glaucoma or rheumatoid arthritis. Then, our knowledgeable team can help you seek treatments like eye drops to help you thrive again.

Whether you've just noticed your dry eye or you've been living with it for a while, our non-judgmental doctors are here to help. To request an eye exam, contact our Sidney-area offices. You can also call our friendly team at:

(937) 492-8040

Praise for the Team at Ohio Vision Patients in and Around Sidney Say We Are the Best

"If you or anyone you know needs cataract surgery i would tell anyone and everyone to go here. Completely pleased with staff and doctors. Dr. Schemmel works hand in hand with Dr. Johnson and his calculations and exams are spot on. Highly recommend!!!!" Siera Cornett

Dry Eyes & 
Contact Lenses


Sometimes the contact lenses you use can contribute to dry eyes by preventing tear lubrication. When dry eyes become more severe, the condition can even prevent you from wearing contact lenses at all. Many patients prefer contacts over glasses and do not want to lose the ability to wear them. Our doctors can evaluate your contacts and see if a softer lens may help alleviate your dry eyes and allow healthy contact use.

The Relationship 

Between Dry Eyes and Allergies

It's an ironic cycle: A patient may have allergies, which can cause dry eyes. So, they take antihistamines, only to realize that medication can also lead to dry eyes. If you're tired of toughing it out during allergy season, visit our Sidney-area offices for treatments like artificial tears.

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Dry Eye Treatment Is One Call Away

You don't have to allow dry eyes to inhibit your life. The eye doctors of Ohio Vision are here to evaluate and treat your condition, from the surface of the eye to deeper structural issues.

Call (937) 492-8040 or write to us to request an appointment. We have eye care offices in Sidney, Bellefontaine, Celina, and Troy.

Hear From Our Happy Patients

"Very well performed exam, Dr. Wilding explained the process and plan in terms that were easy to understand." Teresa Mikesell

Treating Dry Eyes at Ohio Vision

Our highly skilled doctors can perform a variety of dry eye treatments depending on your personal needs. These can range from artificial tears to complex surgery. 

We can treat your dry eyes with artificial tears, surgical care, and other methods.
We can treat your dry eyes with artificial tears, surgical care, and other methods.

Medical Eye Drops

Using synthetic eye drops that function as artificial tears is the most common way to fight dry eyes. Many patients attempt to use over-the-counter eye drops for artificial tears treatment, but prescription drops are more effective at lubricating the surface of the eye. Steroid eye drops are another option that we can use to combat eye inflammation.

Punctal Plugs

You may be experiencing a lack of tears due to rapid tear drainage. Our eyes have ducts in their corners from which tears are filtered out. Plugging these tear ducts can limit tear loss nearly instantaneously.

Skilled Surgery

In severe cases of dry eye syndrome, we may recommend surgery. One option is permanently closing the tear ducts to prevent loss of moisture. Another option could be surgery designed to tighten your eyelids. Finally, we may recommend eyelid surgery to rectify blinking problems. 

At-Home Care

Dry eye is already intrusive and many patients want to limit their impact on their life. There are at-home treatments and medications our doctors may be able to prescribe. These include medications to promote tear formation and eyelid ointments designed to moisturize your eyes.
"So nice and very professional. They know what they are doing. Positive experience." Rick Williamson

There Are Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes

Wash Your Hands Properly

Pink eye can lead to dry eye. You can avoid pink eye by ensuring that your hands are clean, washing them thoroughly for 20 seconds.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Touching your eye or eyelid can spread illnesses like pink eye. Try to keep your hands away from your eyes.

Opt Out of Contacts

Contact lenses may worsen your dry eye. We recommend either having a spare pair of glasses or opting out of contact lenses entirely.

Check the Weather

You can check a weather app for allergy alerts or dry weather conditions. Staying inside on those days can help prevent symptoms.

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